How to begin a domain transfer from GoDaddy to WritheM

The Process for transferring domain names from your GoDaddy account to WritheM depends on the state of your GoDaddy Domain name registration. This article will help you to prepare your domain for transfer to our domain manager.

  1. Verify that the domain name is eligible for transfer. If you are unable to determine this, you can always open a support ticket or contact us!

    For a domain name to be eligible for transfer, it must have been registered for at least 60 days, been at GoDaddy for at least 60 days, or had the Registrant contact information changed in the last 60 days. For more information, see ICANN's Policy on Transfer of Registrations Between Registrars and GoDaddy's Domain Name Change of Registrant Agreement.

  2. Update Administrative contact information. Before you can transfer a domain, the Administrative contact information (especially the email address) must be up-to-date at Go Daddy, because the Administrative contact receives the transfer request and okays the transfer.For more information, see GoDaddy's help article about Updating Your Domain Name Contact Information. In this step you are updating the Administrative Contact, NOT the registrant contact.

    NOTE: Go Daddy regards any changes to the Registrant contact information to be an "internal transfer" and will reject any transfer requests for 60 days after changes to the Registrant contact information. We recommend that you leave Registrant contact information as-is at Go Daddy. As long as either the Registrant or Admin email address is correct and you're using the Auto Verification method, you can make any needed changes once the domain name has successfully transferred to WritheM.

  3. If applicable, cancel your Protected Registration or DBP Private Registration. For more information, see Canceling Protected Registration or Canceling Private Registration for Your Domain Names.

    If you have Domains By Proxy® (DBP) Private Registration, see Updating Contact Information for Domain Names with Privacy for information on viewing and updating your domain name contact information.

  4. Unlock your domain name at GoDaddy. See Locking and Unlocking Your Domain Names for more information.
  5. Obtain the authorization code or retage the domain name. To transfer a .com, .net, .org, .info, or .biz domain name you'll need the authorization code from GoDaddy. Getting an Authorization Code to Transfer Your Domain Name. To transfer a .uk domain name you'll need to ask GoDaddy to retag the domain name to IPS tag: ENOMCENTRAL. To transfer any other domain name, no authorization codes or retagging steps need to be taken.
  6. Initiate the domain name transfer at WritheM. You can use our handy Transfer Domain page.
  7. Authorize the transfer via the email. When the domain name contacts receive email from eNomCentral asking them to approve the transfer, do so by following the instructions in the email. As eNomeCentral is the registrar host for WritheM, you will receive the email from them.
  8. WritheM notifies GoDaddy, and then GoDaddy will email you instructions to complete the transfer. If you do not accept or deny the transfer request in your account with us within five days, we automatically complete the transfer. See Accepting or Declining a Transfer to Another Registrar for more information.
  9. The registry notifies your new registrar of the transfer's acceptance or rejection.
  10. We email you confirmation when the transfer completes. A transfer between registrars takes five to seven days to complete after you authorize it.

Tracking: Interpreting status messages - After you submit a transfer request, status messages help you track progress and correct any problems that arise. 

If your transfer is rejected: ICANN rules regarding transfer rejections - If you transfer is rejected, reviewing ICANN transfer rules may help you correct the reasons for rejection. 

Thanks very much for choosing WritheM Web Solutions, and don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance if you need any. You may also open a helpdesk ticket at any time at

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